Soulfit Women Sisterhood

For those of you who know me, you know I love and believe in community!

If we are just meeting, so glad you have landed here on my virtual home on the web.

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This past Fall/Spring I’ve been working on new creations and now they are beginning to bloom:-) as we head into Summer.

Warm heart felt welcome for….

“Soulfit Stories” is one of the ways I wish to comtribute to the lives of women.  My intention is to bring women together who are willing to share their journey and life lessons so we all can heal our hearts and empower one another!

Can I get a “Woot “Woot!?”

Read more about why this is important to me and how you can help spread the word here!

I would like to give


Join the soulfit women sisterhood

Join the soulfit women sisterhood

 a huge shout out

to Jen for helping me create the sisterhood forum!  She has mad skillz:-)


Give her a “Woot Woot!”

and a “Woot “Woot!” for all the women who will find peace of mind, comfort and understanding inside our sisterhood community!


give yourself a hug from me

give yourself a hug from me

Your Soulfit Sister,


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    1. Twitter:
      Dana, community is also really important to me- family, friends, colleagues, clients. Building lasting relationships is one thing a treasure. I consider myself rich in friendships and my friends say I’m the “glue that holds them together.” It warms my heart to hear that.
      Here’s to focusing on the positive and having an open heart.

    2. Twitter:
      HOOOORAAAAH! I am so so so so excited about this community, and honored to be part of it!! Thank you so much for doing this, Dana. Community is essential to expanding and growing in our lives, and it’s wonderful to know that this space exists to help women who are ready to share their experiences and traumas and “lift and lead” as you say. Three cheers for you!!! :)

    3. Dana, I believe community is so very important, especially today. It is all about us banding together to assist one another in getting our work out there and not looking at one another as competition. I’m looking forward to submitting my story to you very soon! xo

    4. Jacqueline Fairbrass says:

      Delightful! I so look forward to reading inspiring and uplifting stories. This sense of community is so important to all of us, but I believe particularly to women. We need each other.

    5. Twitter:
      Community is what it’s all about. I belong to a wonderful group of women from a class I took online and have cultivated many close relationships both business and personal. I wouldn’t be where I am today without such a warm group of like-minded women. Congrats!

    6. Twitter:
      Woot woot! I’m looking forward to this! 😀

    7. Thanks for sharing your community.

    8. Love a place where women can inspire, and lift one another up.. I think we tear each other down too much! Girl Power!

    9. Twitter:
      We all have a story and what a wonderful opportunity to provide woman a place to share their stories in a way to create a positive environment, with no limits and an open heart! Looking forward to learning more. Best Regards, Wendy