Share Your story, Heal a Heart!

I believe these soulfit stories will empower women of all ages and heal hearts.

I believe more women want to share their experiences and lessons learned.

I believe there are women waiting to hear your voice and your perspective.

Soulfit Women want to read your story about:

  • overcoming adversity
  • healing after sexual abuse
  • healing after childhood trauma
  • healing after domestic violence
  • healing after divorce
  • healing after loss of a child
  • healing after a sudden loss
  • healing after illness
  • living with a disability
  • life after addiction
  • body image
  • everyday miracles


I’d love to have your presence here!

  • Keep piece between 400 and 1000 words.
  • Take your soulfit sister inside your world by painting a picture with your words.
  • Keep in mind that your personal essay will be read by women who have experienced what you have  overcome but they may still be struggling in some ways.  What do you want them to know?
  • What would have helped you the most when you were in the middle of overcoming your difficulty?
  • If applicable, include a bio with a link to your website and a headshot.
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I’m giving all my courageous soulfit sisters who are submitting their personal stories for publication the option to do so anonymously.

My intention

is to bring women together who are willing to share their journey and life lessons so we all can heal our hearts and empower one another!

I believe your story is meant to be shared!

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