Pricing Philosophy

My Philosophy on Pricing

As I review the policies and pricing structures of many of my colleagues in the field of life coaching, the financial commitment requested by most life coaches can be daunting if not prohibitive.  Much of this financial commitment is intended to help insure that the client stays with the coaching program; however, all situations that do not work out seem to go to the financial benefit of the coach and can be financially painful for the client.  Many life coaches charge very high hourly rates, offer package deals that require significant up front investments and conduct expensive seminars where the added costs of airfare and hotels put many of these programs out of reach for a typical client.  They encourage these large up front investments by offering discounts with the prepayments.

Unfortunately, many coaches also typically offer no refunds for any reason whatsoever.  The contracts tend to be ambiguous and unclear, except the no refunds part.  Many of these contracts that are sold or solicited by coaches do not contain the “cooling off” period language that is required by most states.  This simply is not in the best interests of the client.

Our industry is currently unregulated and it appears that many well intentioned clients are being separated from their money adding more stress to their lives.  Certainly, you would not expect your doctor, lawyer or accountant to ask for large prepayments up front and no refunds for services not actually rendered.

Why then would you allow your life coach this luxury?  Any quality life coach with the true interests of her client at heart should be able to work with her client and gain sufficient confidence with that client so that compensation of the coach becomes a distant secondary concern.

The objective of initial meetings between coach and client is to get to know each other and determine a basis for working together.  Compensation of the coach should be fair and reasonable.  However, it appears that many coaches have forgotten the clients that truly need our help and have taken on the more lucrative tasks of training other coaches and charging exorbitant fees in the process.

I do not believe in many of the marketing techniques that are commonplace among life coaches today such as offering great “value” in program offerings while making large discounted upfront cash commitments with no refunds.