I am the light


Though many have tried,

No one, nothing can bring me down.

I stand with the light.  I stand on a pedestal of light.

I am the light.


On one hand, I dispose you and on the other,

I see you as innocent.

You are asleep and haven’t awakened yet.

You throw daggers at me.

You don’t see where they land.

Your still asleep.


I stand in the light.  I stand on a pedestal of light.

I am the light.

August 12, 2012

Your SoulFit Sista,


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    1. Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    2. Twitter:
      That opening gave goosebumps! You are one strong, bright and beautiful star Dana! Thank you so much for sharing this piece of yourself. Hugs and love!

      • SoulFit Sista, Dana Mallon says:

        Hi Eyenie- I love goosebumps:-) and thank you! May we all come to see that we all are “the light.”

    3. Strong words! Thanks for sharing your insights.

    4. Reading your poem, I can tell you feel very passionately about this. Personally, I would have to disagree a little bit. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being “down” once in a while. It is a normal response to the challenges of life. I think the secret is not to let anything KEEP me down.

      You are offering a great service here and I hope that many women are inspired by your writing!

      • SoulFit Sista, Dana Mallon says:

        Hi Susan-I’ve always loved reading poetry and use to dabble in it a little as a kid. I’ve heard about this experience but never experienced it until these words came through me. I was jumping rope in the drive way and out of nowhere I felt and heard these words. They were there but they weren’t staying. I could see they going on their way. I grabbed my I-Phone and wrote it down without much thought. Then I read and thought about it. What you said, stood out to me too. And then it began to sink in, I’ve never been knocked down, it was only an illusion. At that moment I grew more into my light body in this human experience.
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