Are you a SoulFit Woman?


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  • Have you come to this site because you are having difficulty dealing with at least one aspect of every day life?  Do you at times feel over-whelmed, anxious, or a profound feeling of sadness or heartbreak? 

  • Have you ever had trouble getting out of bed in the morning?  Have you lost your way or are you simply out of sync? 

  •  Do the behaviors of others determine how you behave in your own life?

  • In your childhood, have you suffered deeply or been ravaged by inconceivable pain?  Did you experience mental or sexual abuse, neglect, trauma or abandonment? 

  •  Did you see the darkest side of humanity as a child?

I too have experienced many of the emotions above including a very difficult childhood.  While I still face the impact of many of these challenges daily, I have been able to overcome them and lead a successful life by nurturing the relationship with myself and developing techniques and outlooks that I would like to share with other women facing similar obstacles.

I have dedicated my life to helping other women heal themselves and to become their own source of light.  I am a trained and certified life coach with years of coaching and life experiences even though I am a young woman and a mother.

Through my own experiences and successes, I can help you change your life and show you how to become a SoulFit Woman.

Are you a SoulFit Woman?

A SoulFit Woman has experienced many of the emotions and traumas above including a look at the most vulnerable part of her psyche.  But a SoulFit woman is intuitive, empathic and powerful beyond measure.

She chooses to complete her pain, release it from her body, and truly forgive.

She devotes herself to developing her inner healer, and learns to cultivate emotional freedom, with sacred energy techniques and practical thought-shifting principles.

She becomes the master of her mind—manifesting opportunities, one thought at a time.

She is self-reliant—not co-dependent. Generous and free—but with crucial boundaries.

She is The Phoenix—risen from the flames. She is the dragonfly—ready for flight.

Her heart is open. There is no resentment. She is a walking miracle.

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