Client LOVE and Trust

Life Coaching can be very effective

I truly do believe in the concept of helping people through life coaching.  There are many times that a person needs someone to talk to in order to put things back together again or simply get back on track.  You can’t always talk to friends, family and loved ones about these matters.  This is where an experienced and well trained life coach can be most beneficial.  There are many very good coaches out there doing an excellent job helping clients.

But you must choose your coach very carefully as you would for any professional you employ.  Make sure your coach is properly trained and certified by a reputable leader or well known organization in the industry.  Above all, do your homework and you will arrive at a much better result.

While it is certainly my intension to continue to make a living as a certified life coach, I sincerely believe in and love what I do.  Consequently, it is my conviction to make my consultations and programs affordable and flexible to all who need them and to make my clients feel secure in their payments for my services.

Briefly said, I believe in fair and reasonable one-on-one fees, inexpensive entry costs to group participation events and reasonable refund policies when circumstances or events occur that may not allow us to continue to work together.  However, I believe you will see very good results in the work we do together and that you will want to complete your work with me once we start.

It is my objective to win your trust, believe in what we do and put you back on track (or help you stay on track) at a fair cost.  This would bring me great satisfaction.


In regard to testimonials, I carry one on my website provided by my mentor and trainer, Martha Beck.  She is Harvard educated and a very experienced coach in her own right.  Writer of many books on various coaching subjects, has appeared on the Oprah show on many occasions and is a monthly columnist in O Magazine.  I have received my coach certification from Martha Beck’s intensive and comprehensive program.  However, I do not post and do not ask for testimonials from my 1-on-1 clients.

I specialize in traumatic childhood experiences and the subject material tends to be very sensitive and private.  Occasionally, a client will provide me with a testimonial for the benefit of sending it to a potential client or two with limited circulation which I can provide along with a list of references at your request.  But I treat each client’s information and story with the utmost privacy as anyone should expect from the best of family professionals.

I invite you to receive more information regarding my direct coaching by clicking ONE-ON-ONE COACHING.