10 Fears that Keep us Stuck

Fear often stands between us and our ability to make decisions, take actions, and ask for what we want — or to even know what we really want.  It is the gatekeeper of our comfort zone.

Rhonda Britten, author of Fearless Living and founder of the Fearless Living Institute, defines fear as this:  Fear is both the cause and effect of the feelings, thoughts, or actions that prohibit you from accepting yourself and realizing your full potential. 

Fear stands between you and your ability to go anywhere you like, do anything you want and meet anyone you please.  To help you stay safe, fear motivates you to hide your essential nature by thwarting your ability to express yourself truthfully.

1. Fear of being judged.  Needing approval from family or peers can keep us from going after dreams and goals.

2. Fear of rejection.  Rejection just means that someone else has a different opinion.

3. Fear of emotional pain.  Rather than incapacitate us, painful feelings can sharpen our sense of joy and gratitude.

4. Fear of embarrassment.  Making mistakes publicly is awful only when we let ourselves feel ashamed.

5. Fear of being alone/abandoned.  A strong sense of self-worth and what we can offer the world reduces this fear.

6. Fear of failure.  A biggie for most of us and born of the notion that it’s not OK to fail.

7. Fear of success.  More responsibility, more attention, and pressure to perform can be frightening when we don’t believe in ourselves.

8. Fear of expressing feelings.  An authentic life means being willing to express our true feelings to our loved ones, colleagues, adversaries even ourselves.

9. Fear of intimacy.  Emotional intimacy really being seen by another—can be as scary as sexual intimacy.

10. Fear of the unknown. The unknown can be exciting and vast if we shift our fear to curiosity.

Ask yourself this question, “Would you be afraid to take a chance if fear were a positive force, not a negative one?”

I think not.  What about you?

Your soufit sista,