8 Steps to Access Internal Freedom

Discovering that my body speaks to me and is always leading me to my higher good is like winning the lottery.  After I graduated from high school, I spent a few months in Australia.  This was the first time in my life that I wasn’t surrounded with constant chaos.

 Upon returning home, I went with a friend to a relative’s celebration for joining the army.  While I was there, I began to feel deeply ill and light-headed and like I was going to vomit. I told a long-time family acquaintance that I wasn’t feeling well and that I would have to leave.  As I began to get closer to my car, I noticed I was feeling better, and by the time I got into the car, I was feeling 100% fine again!

Our bodies are always giving us signals to guide us away from people, places and things that don’t serve us and lead us to our highest good.

Here is an exercise to help you gain better communication with your body, build your intuition and trust yourself.  Using your body as a compass, you can navigate through any difficult situation on your way to greater fulfillment and success in life.

  1. Sit down, close your eyes and take three deep breaths from your diaphragm.
  2. Think about something you love.
  3. Fully experience what it is you love. Say, “I love……
  4. Notice the signs you receive when you tell yourself a truth. Do you see an image? What physical sensations do you feel? Do you feel relaxed? What do you see, hear, smell and/or taste?
  5. Now get up and walk around for a few minutes to clear your experience.
  6. After a few minutes sit down, close your eyes and take three deep breaths.
  7. Tell yourself that you hate what you just told yourself you loved. In other words, tell yourself a lie.
  8. Notice the signs your body gives you when you hear the lie. Do you see an image? What physical sensations do you feel? Do you feel heavy? What do you see, hear, smell and/or taste?

Practice and have fun with this:-)

Your soulfit siser,


52 Ways to Freedom

Resolve CodependencyThis is the Age of Healing and Joy.  It is time to start remembering who you are and to start feeling and tuning into the truth which exists within you. Here are 52 of the best practices to resolve codependency to set yourself free and step into “living” your own life.  When you learn how to say no, create healthy boundaries, speak your truth and live on purpose,you resolve codependency and heal at a soul level.

1. Write in a journal daily. You’ll meet an interesting person, yourself!

2. Detach from the unhealthy relationships in your life.

3. Practice daily acknowledgements. Stop diminishing even the small wins.  You are worth celebrating.

4. Develop an attitude of gratitude.

5. Give yourself permission to say no.

6. The love we give and receive will be enhanced by the love we give ourselves.

7. Give yourself the gift of forgiving yourself and forgiving others.

8. Write your empowering life story.

9. Do what scares you most.  Allow yourself to expand and grow.

10. Create healthy boundaries and honor yourself by keeping them.

11. Don’t hurt yourself, don’t hurt anyone else and don’t let anyone hurt you.  These are nonnegotiable boundaries.

12. Self appreciation is the road to self love.

13. Develop an unshakeable faith.  Then do something to exercise that faith.

14. Accept yourself fully by listening to your truth and acting accordingly.

15. See yourself as courageous.

16. Protect yourself from negative influences.

17. Allow yourself to mess up, make mistakes and learn from them.

18. Instead of judging yourself, recognize your strengths.

19. Don’t let fear throw you off balance. Fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real.

20. Lift weights. This is a miracle drug in my opinion.

21. We are all children of God who deserve to be happy!

22. Thank God for our egos. They are what allowed us to survive.

23. We are spiritual being and we are here in these bodies, at this time, to do this healing.

24. We must be willing to go to our core of peace in order to heal.

25. When we become willing to feel the pain, then we become capable of feeling the joy!

26. Learn to say with trust and confidence, This is how I feel.

27. The past doesn’t equal the future Every day is an opportunity to start over!

28. Walk toward what feels comfortable to your heart, mind, body and soul.

29. Stop waiting for someone else to come along and rescue you.  Rescue yourself.

30. Let God and your intuition lead the way.  Ask for guidance.

31. God, take care of me those moments when I cannot find the will to take care of myself.

32. Let go of your expectations of others.  Except what is.

33. God, show me how letting go can benefit my life.

34. Release beliefs that are holding you back.  Feed your mind empowering messages.

35. Grieve clean pain and disbelieve dirty pain

36. Allow yourself to fully express all emotions of life.  Freedom follows.

37. Set an intention and practice it until it becomes a habit.

38. Stop taking everything personally.

39. Contribution to oneself and to others is the ultimate secret to joy!

40. Your purpose in life does not change, is eternal and is available to you each and every moment.

41. Exercise your power of CHOICE. Take personal responsibility for all the results in your life.

42. Provide your body with the core nutrients it really needs; water, oxygen/breathing, vitamins and minerals, live alkaline foods and exercise.

43. Laugh deeply and have more fun!

44. It’s in the struggle that we forge the greatest parts of our character.

45. Craft a new story and vision for yourself.

46. Deep pain opens a well. What are you going to fill it with?

47. Embrace your creativity and imagination.  Your body and soul will thank you.

48. Shake it off and come back to life. This is your time!

49. Say woohoo for no reason….and live with excitement.

50. Surround yourself with people who add value to your life.

51. Try something new.

52. It’s our job to find an empowering meaning of why we are here!

I invite you to share your experiences with me as you implement what resonates with you.

Whick one will you choose to practice today?

Your SoulFit Sista,


Happy New Year SoulFit Sista!


2012 has been a year full of changes for me.  I constantly did things outside of my comfort zone.  I have felt the growing pains but in a good way.  I am most proud of my personal growth.

I took risk.

I made the call even though my gut was in my throat.

I set boundaries and kept them.

I allowed myself to feel emotions that were tucked away and grieved for a relationship I never had.

Even when it was scary, I did it anyway.

I stopped ignoring my inner nudge to take acting lessons.

I lived each day knowing that one day it will be my last.

I continue to keep my heart open and bring love’s energy into all my interactions

I will be doing a burning ceremony with my family.  We will write down all we want to release, clear our energy with sage and sweet grass and then take turns putting our pieces of papers in the flame.

And top it off with watching the ball drop and a big group hug! I will be posting pictures in our facebook community.  Come over and say hi!


Some of you I know.  Some of you I have no idea that you’re out there reading my blog.  I want you to know I appreciate you!  I love you!  I see you in me and me in you!

Here’s to a New Year filled with all that your heart desires!



What will you release?

Much love your SoulFit Sista,


Develop the Eye of the Tiger

Do you have the Eye of the Tiger?  Those who have achieved great goals, have the Eye of the Tiger.

Did my time, took my chances… went the distance, now I’m back on my feet, just a man and his will to survive.

So many times, it happens too fast, you change your passion for glory. Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past. You must fight just to keep them alive.

Do you have the Eye of the Tiger when it comes to taking the necessary steps to achieve the results you want in all areas of your life?

Develop the Eye of the Tiger and stay focused on the end result.

Don’t let anybody knock you off track!


The idea of giving up can never be considered and you must be willing to do whatever it takes!

If you will commit to develop the Eye of the Tiger, you will become unstoppable!

Your SoulFit Sista,


End Sex Trafficking Day

It’s Friday!

It’s also End Sex Trafficking Day

Women and children are bought and sold every thirty seconds around the world.

Women and children are raped 5 or 10 times a night for a handful of money.

27 million human-beings in 161 countries are living as slaves right now.

Let’s be impossible to ignore & send the message, that women and girls are not for sale.


Watch this one minute video now.  More than 27 million human beings are enslaved in the world in 2012.  So — you want to stand up for freedom…today?

Buy a copy of End Sex Trafficking for $20 — a collection of 60 essays on love, knowledge + freedom by trailblazers like Seth Godin, Danielle La Porte, and Founder, Erin Giles — and all of the authors proceeds goes to the Not For Sale Campaign an organization fighting to abolish slavery every single day.

None of the essay contributors, the publisher or myself is taking any money from sales, it’s not just a book, it is a chance to change the world.


Let’s be impossible to ignore & send the message, that women and girls are not for sale.

Let’s get this pressing message to all the hearts and lit up screens we can

Your soulfit sista,





Are You Facing Adversity? Draw Near to Dragonfly

There is a dragonfly fluttering outside my kitchen window (at this moment) as I sit and write playing catch up in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.   I am so filled will awe and appreciation for  being on the path that  gives life to my purpose here on Earth.  Every time I see a dragonfly, I  am encouraged  and feel acknowledged from the source that feeds us all,  that I am in alignment  with my purpose and with fulfillment of divine  will.

My first experience with dragonfly was in Sedona, Arizona,  in the  spring of 2007. I was taking a much needed time-out for myself.  My mom  had recently passed away, and this led  me on the path to take better  care of myself, and to do the healing work I  currently do.

Before my magical 5-day stay in Sedona, I had never even  heard of a  dragonfly!  And now they were  all around me.  From my first drawing   from a deck of Indian Medicine Cards,   the dragonfly spoke to me.  As I   read dragonfly wisdom, it confirmed my inner truth and helped me to  overcome  adversity in my lifeIn this moment I  could see the gift that was mine — being able to see past the illusions of my  difficult circumstances. I felt more aligned and centered with my  purpose.

The dragonfly  teaches us how to balance emotion and mental clarity  and control.  Dragonfly medicine works in a two-year  cycle.  If the  dragonfly has come into  your life, you can expect change within this  time period.  Dragonfly people need to honor their health by  spending  time outdoors in the sunlight near streams or lakes. The dragonfly also teaches us to see through our own illusions.

The dragonfly is a reminder that when our deeper thoughts rise  to the surface we must pay attention. There  are lessons to be learned.  We are also reminded that what we think is   actually directly proportionate to what we “see on the surface.” In   short, our thoughts (even the deeper ones that we might not be as much  in touch  with as we are with our conscious thoughts) are responsible  for what we see in  our lives — in our physical surroundings.

The dragonfly gives us a very powerful meditation tool. Close your eyes and focus on a thought,  allowing it to rise to the  surface of your mind’s ocean.  Can you see that thought float lightly up  to  the water’s surface?  Now visualize that  thought moving across  that water.

This exercise is useful when we  want to visualize positive outcomes in a situation.  We see the thought of  hope happily moving across an  ocean of peace (peaceful mind) and gliding to a  perfect outcome.

Breaks illusions,
Brings visions of power,
No need to prove it,
Now is the hour!
Know it, believe it,
Great Spirit intercedes,
Feeding you, blessing you,
Filling all your needs.
 When the dragonfly appears, transformation will  begin. 
 At times you  may feel like you  are fire-walking your way through life (dragonflies  are really mini dragons  after all!), and yet what is emerging from  within you is a sense of your own inner power and faith in a Higher  Power that no one can ever take from you!   You are in the  process of coming to know and understand who you truly  are and  connecting with the vast source of power and energy that was given to   you by Spirit at the time your Soul came into being. 
This power has  grown within you as you have  journeyed through space and time.  Now is the time for it to be claimed as your own in this life so  you may step forth renewed as the powerful Soul that you are!
Your SoulFit Sista,


As the sixteenth-century physician Paracelsus explained: “Everything that lives, lives in light; everything that has an existence, radiates light.

Scientists tell us that at the center of every atom in man’s being is light.

Dark emotions obscure this light.  Thoughts of injustice and self-pity cover up the light within each cell.

Spiritual enlightenment makes the body translucent.

As the mind is filled with light, so is the body.

Dead cells are cast off and tempers, emotional instability, jealousy, criticism and animosity begin to dissolve through enlightenment.

Make this prayer a part of your daily routine, beginning today. “I Clothe Myself Safely Round With The Pure White Light Of The Christ, Into Which Only Good Can Come.”

You are a beautiful being of light Soulfit Sista

Are you a SoulFit Woman?

Do you at times feel over-whelmed, anxious, or a profound feeling of sadness or heartbreak? 

Have you ever had trouble getting out of bed in the morning?  Have you lost your way or are you simply out of sync? 

 Do the behaviors of others determine how you behave in your own life?

In your childhood, have you suffered deeply or been ravaged by inconceivable pain?  Did you experience mental or sexual abuse, neglect, trauma or abandonment? 

Did you see the darkest side of humanity as a child?

I too have experienced many of the emotions above including a very difficult childhood.  While I still face the impact of many of these challenges daily, I have been able to overcome them and lead a successful life by nurturing the relationship with myself and developing techniques and outlooks that I would like to share with other women facing similar obstacles.

I have dedicated my life to helping other women heal themselves and to become their own source of light.

Through my own experiences and successes, I can help you change your life and show you how to become a SoulFit Woman.

Are you a SoulFit Woman?

A SoulFit Woman has experienced many of the emotions and traumas above including a look at the most vulnerable part of her psyche.  But a SoulFit woman is intuitive, empathic and powerful beyond measure.


She chooses to complete her pain, release it from her body, and truly forgive.

She devotes herself to developing her inner healer, and learns to cultivate emotional freedom, with sacred energy techniques and practical thought-shifting principles.

She becomes the master of her mind—manifesting opportunities, one thought at a time.

She is self-reliant—not co-dependent. Generous and free—but with crucial boundaries.

She is The Phoenix—risen from the flames. She is the dragonfly—ready for flight.

Her heart is open. There is no resentment. She is a walking miracle.


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Release Your Worries To The Heavens

Have you recently experienced some challenges?  Have you asked for guidance?  Our prayers are always heard and answered.  I want you to know that the divine surrounds you with an eternal blanket of love and light.


Looking up at the clouds when your faith is being tested can help you release your concerns, worry and doubt.  Give it a try!  Raise your eyes to the clouds and visualize all your worries being handed over to the heavens and the angels!


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Connect with the Light That Is in Your Heart

When I was 10, I learned that hugging myself and touching my heart makes me feel centered and connected to spirit.  I have experienced deep healing by touching my heart and focusing on love and can feel the release.  Focusing on love heals.

Exercise: Give yourself a big hug!  Feel your arms firmly wrapped around your body and embrace yourself.  Fully embodying this loving act connects and amplifies the light that is in your heart.

Now visualize a small burning flame in the center of your chest.  Then imagine breathing this light until it overflows out and around your body. Take this light that is always within you and around you wherever you go.  As you continue to practice this, you will experience healing at a soul level as well as bringing healing to others within your presence.  What a gift this is!

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