8 Steps to Access Internal Freedom

Discovering that my body speaks to me and is always leading me to my higher good is like winning the lottery.  After I graduated from high school, I spent a few months in Australia.  This was the first time in my life that I wasn’t surrounded with constant chaos.

 Upon returning home, I went with a friend to a relative’s celebration for joining the army.  While I was there, I began to feel deeply ill and light-headed and like I was going to vomit. I told a long-time family acquaintance that I wasn’t feeling well and that I would have to leave.  As I began to get closer to my car, I noticed I was feeling better, and by the time I got into the car, I was feeling 100% fine again!

Our bodies are always giving us signals to guide us away from people, places and things that don’t serve us and lead us to our highest good.

Here is an exercise to help you gain better communication with your body, build your intuition and trust yourself.  Using your body as a compass, you can navigate through any difficult situation on your way to greater fulfillment and success in life.

  1. Sit down, close your eyes and take three deep breaths from your diaphragm.
  2. Think about something you love.
  3. Fully experience what it is you love. Say, “I love……
  4. Notice the signs you receive when you tell yourself a truth. Do you see an image? What physical sensations do you feel? Do you feel relaxed? What do you see, hear, smell and/or taste?
  5. Now get up and walk around for a few minutes to clear your experience.
  6. After a few minutes sit down, close your eyes and take three deep breaths.
  7. Tell yourself that you hate what you just told yourself you loved. In other words, tell yourself a lie.
  8. Notice the signs your body gives you when you hear the lie. Do you see an image? What physical sensations do you feel? Do you feel heavy? What do you see, hear, smell and/or taste?

Practice and have fun with this:-)

Your soulfit siser,


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    1. Thanks for this reminder about the body compass. It’s such a powerful tool when I remember to use it! It’s so easy to try to push away or ignore those feelings in situations where “should” creeps in. Like I “should be enjoying this party”. How powerful to turn it over to our bodies and get out of our heads.

    2. Twitter:
      You and I are in total agreement about the signals our body gives to us. We also get intuitive “feelings”, and when we don’t listen, and get into trouble, are sentence begins with “I should have….”
      Most illness is your body telling you a story as well! I believe that our body “pops” a symptom when our thoughts and feelings don’t agree with each other!
      Thanks for this great post!

    3. Dana, we are absolutely receiving input in every moment that can lead us to safety and from harm’s way. When we can align with our Higher Mind, we find that this process becomes increasingly easier over time! Personally, I’ve always been one of those people that can tune into Truth, whatever the situation. Thanks Dana for the exercise you provided. It is a wonderful way to practice our ‘divine radar’! xo

    4. Twitter:
      Tuning into your body and how you feel is so important. How we feel is a constant signal from the non-physical part of us and can help up stay safe and stay on track when it comes to living a life we love.
      I see so many people who have totally tuned out their feelings because they are living lives that don’t fit them and feel uncomfortable most of the time. In an effort to tune out the stuff that feels bad, they also miss the stuff that feels GOOD!
      Thanks for the reminder to pay attention to what our body is telling us.

    5. Twitter:
      This is such an excellent exercise, and one I am going to start using with my clients! Thanks for the reminder!! It makes a huge difference when we’re in-tune with out bodies and know how to act in a way that it truly good, healthy and of service to us!! YAY! :)

    6. Twitter:
      I had my enneagram done recently and it’s helped me see that I am at my optimal when I listen to my gut feelings. This is a great list to follow to access that on an even deeper level. Thank you for your wise words!

    7. Twitter:
      Eewwww. Even thinking about doing this exercise makes me feel uneasy. Reading through it, I figured I’d choose my kids as my “love” image, and even contemplating hate in that context without doing the exercise gave me a pit in my stomach. I can see how powerful this really is, and it’s a great reminder. I’m someone who often tries to deny the signals my body sends — so thanks for clueing me in again!

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