52 Ways to Freedom

Resolve CodependencyThis is the Age of Healing and Joy.  It is time to start remembering who you are and to start feeling and tuning into the truth which exists within you. Here are 52 of the best practices to resolve codependency to set yourself free and step into “living” your own life.  When you learn how to say no, create healthy boundaries, speak your truth and live on purpose,you resolve codependency and heal at a soul level.

1. Write in a journal daily. You’ll meet an interesting person, yourself!

2. Detach from the unhealthy relationships in your life.

3. Practice daily acknowledgements. Stop diminishing even the small wins.  You are worth celebrating.

4. Develop an attitude of gratitude.

5. Give yourself permission to say no.

6. The love we give and receive will be enhanced by the love we give ourselves.

7. Give yourself the gift of forgiving yourself and forgiving others.

8. Write your empowering life story.

9. Do what scares you most.  Allow yourself to expand and grow.

10. Create healthy boundaries and honor yourself by keeping them.

11. Don’t hurt yourself, don’t hurt anyone else and don’t let anyone hurt you.  These are nonnegotiable boundaries.

12. Self appreciation is the road to self love.

13. Develop an unshakeable faith.  Then do something to exercise that faith.

14. Accept yourself fully by listening to your truth and acting accordingly.

15. See yourself as courageous.

16. Protect yourself from negative influences.

17. Allow yourself to mess up, make mistakes and learn from them.

18. Instead of judging yourself, recognize your strengths.

19. Don’t let fear throw you off balance. Fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real.

20. Lift weights. This is a miracle drug in my opinion.

21. We are all children of God who deserve to be happy!

22. Thank God for our egos. They are what allowed us to survive.

23. We are spiritual being and we are here in these bodies, at this time, to do this healing.

24. We must be willing to go to our core of peace in order to heal.

25. When we become willing to feel the pain, then we become capable of feeling the joy!

26. Learn to say with trust and confidence, This is how I feel.

27. The past doesn’t equal the future Every day is an opportunity to start over!

28. Walk toward what feels comfortable to your heart, mind, body and soul.

29. Stop waiting for someone else to come along and rescue you.  Rescue yourself.

30. Let God and your intuition lead the way.  Ask for guidance.

31. God, take care of me those moments when I cannot find the will to take care of myself.

32. Let go of your expectations of others.  Except what is.

33. God, show me how letting go can benefit my life.

34. Release beliefs that are holding you back.  Feed your mind empowering messages.

35. Grieve clean pain and disbelieve dirty pain

36. Allow yourself to fully express all emotions of life.  Freedom follows.

37. Set an intention and practice it until it becomes a habit.

38. Stop taking everything personally.

39. Contribution to oneself and to others is the ultimate secret to joy!

40. Your purpose in life does not change, is eternal and is available to you each and every moment.

41. Exercise your power of CHOICE. Take personal responsibility for all the results in your life.

42. Provide your body with the core nutrients it really needs; water, oxygen/breathing, vitamins and minerals, live alkaline foods and exercise.

43. Laugh deeply and have more fun!

44. It’s in the struggle that we forge the greatest parts of our character.

45. Craft a new story and vision for yourself.

46. Deep pain opens a well. What are you going to fill it with?

47. Embrace your creativity and imagination.  Your body and soul will thank you.

48. Shake it off and come back to life. This is your time!

49. Say woohoo for no reason….and live with excitement.

50. Surround yourself with people who add value to your life.

51. Try something new.

52. It’s our job to find an empowering meaning of why we are here!

I invite you to share your experiences with me as you implement what resonates with you.

Whick one will you choose to practice today?

Your SoulFit Sista,


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    1. Twitter:
      Grrrrrrrrl, now that’s what I call one delicious list, yo!!!!!!! YAY! This is like a SoulFit manifesto! :) I really resonate with lots of these, but I’m going to choose 38, 41, 34 and 20!! I miss lifting weights–I agree it is pretty kick-ass, mmmhmmm!! You go on, magical dragonfly woman on fire!!!!!
      eyenie recently posted..12 WOW Things I Learned/Discovered/*Got* in 2012My Profile

    2. Twitter:
      A great list! It’s hard to pick just a few – LOL. Keep on keeping on! :)
      JL recently posted..You are part of your healthcare team!My Profile

    3. Twitter:
      Great timing on your list. I am completely dedicated to new intentions this year, so #37 is a must. #20 – lift weights: I do. Regularly. and my favorite is #49: Say WooHoo!

      Have a great week!
      Amy Kinnaird recently posted..What New Doors Will You Open In Your Business This Year?My Profile

    4. Jeanine Byers says:

      Dana, those were all wonderful! I loved what you said at the beginning: “It is time to start remembering who you are & to start feeling and tuning into the truth which exists within you.”

      And the beautiful statement from amongst the 52 that I want to take with me is: “do what scares you most. Allow yourself to expand & grow.”

    5. Twitter:
      My favorite was: 6. The love we give and receive will be enhanced by the love we give ourselves.
      My word for 2013 is trust but my theme for this year is loving, accepting and honoring myself because I agree that when I love myself fully and completely it has a direct impact on the world. “Change begins with me.” Ghandi

    6. “Embrace your creativity and imagination.” That’s the one that grabbed my attention today. Great post!

    7. Twitter:
      This is an amazing and uplifting list. I want to do them ALL! My focus this year is abundance and acceptance. This list will be so helpful in achieving these personal life goals!

    8. Twitter:
      Oh I loved this post! I am so glad I found your blog. This right here is something people need to read & reread.

      Thank you for posting it & sharing this with us!


    9. Twitter:
      Hi Dana! I’m glad I finally got a chance to visit your site and your blog; lots of great information and heartfelt sharing here. Thanks! I think I need to print out your list and really meditate on them. I am doing some of these, but should be doing more!

      I can especially relate to #4 and its benefits – I’ve been posting my daily “Attitude of Gratitude” posts on Facebook ever since November 2011 (and on those rare occasions I miss a day, I make up for it). It really does help to focus on the positive and acknowledge how much I really do have to be thankful for, rather than obsessing over the negative aspects of my life.


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